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The Adventures of Zac

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We had such a busy year in 2015 and we were lucky enough to finally get our trip to the UK to visit Mark’s family and for Zac to 20151128_091418 (2)meet the other side of his family. He loved meeting everyone and as you can imagine, everyone just fell in love with him…how can you not love his face and bubbly personality. We also managed a quick camping trip – Zac is a natural and loves the idea of camping, so we will try and get more of that done this year.

Zac is thriving at school! He is oldest in his class and rules the 20160111_065847roost.  He has the teachers wrapped around his finger and they all adore him.  He has lots of friends and loves playtime and he’s full of energy.  He is developing such a great personality, he has no fear, completely independent, great sense of humour and just loves stories and talking, dancing and singing.  Zac loves to help wherever he can and runs all the errands for the teachers.  He can count to 20 already and knows all his shapes and most of his colours.  A real bright spark.

Callum adores being his big brother and playtime between them is filled with lots of noise and laughter, either jumping on the trampoline and the hours spent together, in the pool.

We have just celebrated Zac’s 3rd birthday and he had a Thomas party shared with his friends.  They jumped and laughed the afternoon away, 20160116_135244ate lots of cake and Callum loved playing with all the little people on the jumping castle. Life at home is never quiet and we are so blessed to have two such beautiful boys. Our home now feels complete with both my babies and no more empty rooms.  We love them more and more everyday.

Thank you PROCARE for bringing our family together. We look forward to sharing so much more of Zac’s life with you.

Lots of love

Mark, Pam, Callum and Zac


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