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Our Little Ray of Sunshine

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Our little man is growing so fast and said his first word, ‘mama’, to Dad in November whilst in the bath. He is also teething the top two teeth which will be visible soon.We also experienced his first explosion of excitement when he sees Mickey Mouse. He really is just a ray of sunshine. Eight months old and running in the walking ring, talking two steps on his own and sitting on his own. Very independent, wanting to do things himself.

It’s hard to believe that he is a adopted because he fits so perfectly with us. Our son – the light of our lives and the reason we glow. Yes everyone who sees us tells us that we glow of happiness and Samuel is amazing. They keep asking why we hid the pregnancy..

* Laugh out loud*

Thank you so much PROCARE for making this happen


Sebrina, Gavin and Samuel



One thought on “Our Little Ray of Sunshine

  1. He is absolutely gorgeous.
    My son is 6 years old already and it feels like just the other day that I held him in my arms for the 1st time. Enjoy this time with him, it goes by so quick.


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