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Adoption done properly

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Adoptions  done properly  don’t just happen. We turned to Procare after our dream of becoming parents had been stymied for three years with another agency. As the years ticked by, one inevitably asks “Should we even by doing this?” And after three years, all our paperwork… that paperwork!  had expired…

Our frustrations were met with clear information, honest answers, warmth and compassion. Apparently we were not the first couple to have given up on the previous agency in exasperation. “I promise you,” said Eloise, “that there will be a baby for you at the end of this process.” It was true. By the end of that year, we were travelling in Botswana when her text beeped my phone: “Call me asap J”

One week later, a (truly) beautiful baby girl was placed gently – with infinite love – in my arms by her birth father. “Kiss her now,” said Eloise to him, lifting the camera. “This is a moment she will want to remember one day.” He knelt down to kiss her, with my husband standing close and pure trust lying softly in my arms. For this small group of lucky people, including two Procare social workers and her kangaroo caregivers, there was no doubt: all was right with the world. Life was beautiful.

Adoptions done properly don’t just happen. They are crafted by dedicated and tenacious people, who weave through bureaucracy with uncommon grace. They take courage and guts. They take time and heaps of love from everyone involved. But when they’re done right, the earth turns just a little more gently.

Thank you, Procare.

Nicola and Steve

Adoption done properly


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