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Our adoption paper pregnancy shoot

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Most people think they’ll find out they’re pregnant by seeing two lines on a pregnancy test. Others might expect the news to come from their gynae. For others it might come as a huge surprise. Very few people expect their pregnancy to be the result of months of paperwork, tests, sessions and panels. 


We looked forward to the date we would be declared “paper pregnant”. The official last step of our 6 month application process. We celebrated that evening with friends and family. We also wanted to do something special for ourselves, something that would create some photo memories that we can share with our child when they grow up. 


The logical decision for us was a pregnancy shoot! We planned it for months. Tiana was glued to Pinterest for ideas, we tried to think up crazy ideas, we started collecting props, found a friend to man the camera and we were off!


Our theme was “Waiting for our missing piece”. We used a heart with a puzzle piece missing or the puzzle piece on its own. The other idea we had was to use a bunch of different baby shoes with the title “Which ever one fits”. We wanted to symbolise that our child is growing in our hearts and that even though we have no idea what to expect, we’re very excited and very ready to meet our missing piece. 


Procare has been amazing throughout the process and we can’t thank them enough.  We have gained the utmost respect for the people who do work that goes largely unnoticed and unappreciated. Procare definitely live up to their slogan that they do adoptions properly.


A huge thanks and enjoy the photos, 


Renier and Tiana 

Adoption Shoot with text.jpgIMG_1184.JPG


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