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Our Adoption Journey

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When we got “The Call” it was the most exciting call of our lives, and we knew that life as we know was about to change in a big way.

We officially become parents of the most amazing little girl, who we decided to call Avã. When the kangaroo mommy brought her out it was such a magical moment. She was the most beautiful little girl we have ever seen (and still is). From the moment we held her we felt like her natural parents. So after a long and tiresome journey we finally had a little girl to call our own, a true blessing from God!

Our friends and family couldn’t wait to meet little Avá, and wherever she went she just shone like a bright light making everyone fall in love with her from the moment they met her.

Parenthood through adoption didn’t feel any different to us as oppose to natural child birth, I know you don’t get to experience the whole process of your little one growing inside you, but the bond we felt when we first held her is just as strong, in our opinion, as if she was born of us.

Yes, our lives changed, but definitely for the better. Is it hard being a parent? Absolutely!! And it’s not always rainbows, butterflies and unicorns! Some days are tough , and you think………” O my word how are we going to get through this day”,

“Thank you Procare for being God’s hands and feet, and for entrusting us with such a precious little person.” Janus

In closing, our lives have changed for the better, and we would like to thank God firstly for blessing us with Avá, her birth parents for entrusting her with us to take care of her and nurture her and lastly Procare for trusting us to take good care of a very special little lady. You guys do such wonderful work, may you be blessed because you get to bless so many of us out there!


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