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Little bundle of joy

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Today precisely a year ago we received our little angel we cannot believe how the time has flown by and how much precisely this little girl would have had an impact on our lives and how you see the world because you realise it is the small things that count.  Like your daughters laugh or her smile and the big brown eyes that look at you like you are the best person in the world.


We started our journey with the Procare team on a chilly winters morning and we were so nervous because we didn’t know what to expect even though we knew adoption is what we wanted to do.  The first thing you notice when you walk into the Procare offices in Pretoria is how warm and at home you feel because from the first moment we stepped into the offices we were welcomed with opened arms and we immediately felt at ease.  We sat down with Elsabé and Elize who became our Social workers and they talked us through the whole process and gave us an information packet and I will never forget Elsabé told us that if we did decide to go on this journey there will be a baby for us at the end.  Never did we once thought how blessed we will actually be with this little girl of ours.


So we went through all the phases with the support and guidance with the Procare team they were open and honest with us from the start.  Adoption was one of the things my husband and I discussed when we talked about having children one day.  We went through IUI processes and it was taking a toll on our relationship mentally and physically so when the last round of IUI did not work we were devastated and decided that was it so after we talked through it and prayed about it we decided on adoption I mean there is so many children in the world that needs love and love we can give in abundance.  So through our process we wondered if she has been born yet how she will look like when will she come?  We decided on the name Abigail which means a Fathers love and boy does her daddy love her she has her wrapped around his pinkie as it should be.


Then the day came almost a year after we had our Panel interview.  I will never forget the day I saw it was Procare phoning me and I knew our lives will never be the same.  After the phone call I thanked God because our prayers have been answered.


So down to Cape Town we flew as nervous as can be because we were to become instant parents we did not know what to expect so we were not sure if we were ready for it.  On the day we received our bundle of joy we went to the venue we were to meet the Biological Mother with the Procare Social worker Sunette; I must tell you; you always imagine the meeting but nothing prepares you for  the emotions you feel on that day it is just overwhelming.  We still say thank you to God for our Biological mom for making the choice of adoption and choosing us to be her parents because we cannot imagine our lives without her.


So here we are a year later with this little bundle of joy.  She is the light in everyone’s lives especially her mommy and daddy’s.  She is small but trusts me there is nothing small about her personality.  She is just a little ball of energy and loves exploring and discovering new things. Our family is complete and perfect and a little chaotic at times. Are we the perfect parents? Definitely not, do we make mistakes ? Of course we do.  Do we always know what we are doing, no way.  We learn everyday as a family what works and what doesn’t and like my mom said to me, you fake it till you make it.


The best gift is seeing that little girl growing up and seeing her become a person of her own what are her likes and dislikes and how everything in the world is still new for her and the innocence in her eyes and how she trusts everyone around her and seeing the good in every person that she meets.


So to all future mommies and daddies waiting for their bundle of joy: it will happen and your lives will never be the same, in the best way possible.



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