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God sent Angels…..

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Our Journey with PROCARE started in the beginning last year. Not knowing what to expect we met Eloise and if I think about it now probably bombarded her with questions. We were nervous and anxious at first but after talking to her and having all our questions answered honestly, we knew this is the new chapter the Lord set out for us and that it was up to us and his angels at PROCARE to write it.

We were handed all the paperwork we had to complete. I will always remember how we sat at the table every night for a week to complete everything. An amazing experience itself as there were nights were we laughed so hard I think the neighbours stated thinking funny. We handed everything in and so the process started. The scariest part for us was the meeting with the psychologist. The drive to Wellington that morning was very quiet. We did the whole session and she asked us if we had any questions…. I said JA (being Afrikaans) “Waneer gaan ons hoor of ons n baba kry” and her response “ek gaan jou nou sê”. It felt for that few moments that the whole world was spinning. WE WERE CLEARED!!!

Soon after that we had the house visit and then the group session. Another amazing experience for us as we made new friends that was going through the same process that we were at the time. Up until today we are still very good friends and we are looking forward seeing the children grow up together. Another stressful moment was the panel meeting, but yet again Eloise put us at ease and it was another wonderful experience. We were declared paper Pregnant. Informing friends and family was such a joyous moment in our life.

The least favourite part of the process started, the waiting period. We got everything ready, even packed a baby bag of goods that we thought should be in there. Like a mother waiting for when the time comes to go to hospital. We tried putting it out of our minds but it was impossible.

We went to Mr Price home on my day off to go get some more goodies for the nursery. Not knowing if we were going to have a boy or a girl we were in the neutral area of the baby section. My phone rang but it was not a number I recognised (Eloise always said that she will catch us). At first I said I’m not taking the call as it is my day off, but when the phone rang for the second time I answered as I thought something might be wrong somewhere. It was Eloise, she asked me “sit jy?” then I knew, the following sentence changed our life’s “ek het n baba vir jou” Well I was not sitting but in the middle of MR Price home I went to go sit on the floor. My wife looking at me could read on my face what was happening. Eloise informed us that it was a little girl, I shouted in the shop “dis n meisiekind” My wife moved from the neutral section to all the pink goodies in the shop, we ended up buying nothing that day.

We met with Eloise at the end of that week, up until today I can’t remember anything she said. The only thing I can remember is when she showed us the pictures of our baby girl. I had to contain myself. We could go and fetch her the Tuesday. That weekend was crazy and full of sleepless nights.

Tuesday morning arrived. We were up early and made sure that we had everything we need and we made our way to go fetch her. That morning another PROCARE angel was by our side every step of the way, Sunette. We were introduced to the stunning couple that looked after our girl and went through the formalities, ye again I can’t remember much that was said that morning. Then they went to go fetch her and I remember grabbing my wife’s hand. She was put into my arms, this perfect tiny human being. She was even more perfect than on the photos. Madam was fast asleep until we put her in the car and she opened her eyes for the first time, Priceless!

We always think how we can thank PROCARE, there is no way we can thank them enough. This experience and the way they make you feel as part of their family, absolutely amazing. I still tell Eloise they were unfair, because they gave the prettiest girl on this planet to us. The other parents are going to be jealous. Eloise, Sunette and the rest of the PROCARE team, you are God sent angels on earth. You changed our lives forever and for that we will always be thankful. Skyler is our blessing from above and she brings us so much joy.

All our Love to you

                                                                       Amea, Charne and Skyler


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