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Our journey as Grandparents

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Our journey on the road to adoption began after 7 painful years of infertility treatment…ups and downs, hope and heartbreak. The topic of adoption came up as a positive outcome. We were supportive during the screening process . 9 months later our daughter called from Zambia, where she was on business. “Mom, you can put the champagne on ice, there  is a baby for us! ” We were overjoyed to meet our grandson, Jayden. We couldn’t have loved a genetic child any more than we love him. Jayden was 3 years old when the screening process was initiated through Procare, for a sibling. In October last year I received the second joyous call… “Mom, there is a baby girl for us!” I was so blessed to be asked to accompany the family to Cape Town to meet Kaycey. I played with Jayden while Mom and Dad went through the legalities and handover process. Kaycey had the most awesome Kangaroo family, to whom we are extremely grateful. Jayden met his beautiful sister , with whom he has a wonderful relationship. They are so alike, we are often asked if they are genetically related….God’s wonderful plan! 

Our beautiful grandchildren have brought so much joy to our lives.  We can positively recommend adoption and thank Procare for your role in fulfilling our dream family.


One thought on “Our journey as Grandparents

  1. I am amazed that this has been posted on our Princess Kaycey Leigh’s fist birthday!


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