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Our perfect little family.

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From as far back as I can remember I dreamt of being a mom. I had this plan that I was going to be married by a certain age and then have kids by a certain age, I always wanted to be a young mommy. I knew how many kids we were going to have and what age gap and it was all planned out. These plans were obviously thought out when I was still young and naïve.

Anyway, I met my wonderful husband slightly before my planned age and because we were still young we decided to travel and wait a little before having the kids we were so desperate to have. All this time we were naïve enough to think when we were ready then 9 months later we would have our beautiful baby.

So finally we were ready to start a family.  We moved into our first family home and we were so desperate to become parents.

3 months later I was pregnant! We were over the moon to finally have a baby on the way. This pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage and was followed by a roller coaster ride which I would not wish upon anyone.

My husband and I were absolutely broken by this very unexpected curve ball we had been thrown. We didn’t know of many people suffering from infertility and we never had any idea it would happen to us. We kept saying why does this happen to people who so desperately want children? And then we found the answer to that.

After loosing patience with failed hopes from doctors and being on the verge of depression. We began doing some research and speaking to people about adoption. Something about it just felt right. We were then introduced to Procare who put all our concerns at ease. This was it, we were so excited but at the same time nervous. It’s a strange feeling after all the doubt to finally hear you WILL get a baby, it’s just a matter of when.

The day we met our baby I knew why we had been thrown that curve ball and I would not change a single thing about it. I would go through every tear and heartache to end up where we are today.

When we were ready for our second child we discussed trying naturally but decided to rather adopt again. We have learnt that adoption was definitely a calling for us and this was how we were meant to become parents all along, we just had to wait until the little souls destined to be our children were ready for us.

We have two happy healthy boys and we are so grateful for how our life worked out. In fact if life works the way we wish we will hopefully adopt one last little girl to balance our crazy, busy, happy home.



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