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Our Little Miracle

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Our Little Miracle

Our adoption story began on the day we went for our orientation meeting at Procare. My husband and I had gone through almost 8 years of trying to conceive. After many fertility treatments and 2 heartbreaking miscarriages, our dream of having a family seemed so far out of reach.

We had both discussed adoption and we thought that this was our last chance to have the family we yearned for. We had to take this chance and see where this journey takes us.

After so many years of trying to have a child and being unable to have what seemed to come so naturally to everyone else, we felt very vulnerable and so nervous to even get our hopes up. Fortunately for us, we chose Procare to take us through this journey and from the moment we walked into their offices, Elsabe, Elize and the rest of the staff made us feel so welcome and so at ease.  Even though we were still anxious, they made us feel that all our feelings were valid, answered all our questions and were very open and honest with us.

Their advice and guidance was comforting and their professionalism was amazing, but of course, we were still apprehensive as to whether this journey would have a happy ending. It was after 5 months of paperwork, police clearances, interviews, questionnaires, medicals and all the rest of the exhausting work we had to put in, that we were declared “paper pregnant” and Elize said to me, “Pam, at the end of this journey, you WILL have your baby!”  Only at this point did we allow ourselves to be hopeful and cautiously excited that our dreams may actually come true!

And just like a fairytale, exactly 9 months after being declared “paper pregnant”, we got the call that they found a match for us!  Saying we were excited was the biggest understatement…we were completely over the moon! I screamed so loud when I got the news that everyone at work immediately knew that it had something to do with the adoption. We went to our matching meeting, beaming from ear to ear and couldn’t wait to hear all about this little miracle that would soon be ours.

We saw his little face and heard his story and we already loved him. Seeing him and knowing he belongs with us made us feel like a giant weight was lifted off our shoulders and we just cried with relief that we had finally found our beautiful baby. I may not have carried him in my womb, but we carried him in our hearts for so long and we were finally going to meet him. Words cannot describe the joy of going into the shops and buying baby stuff for OUR baby! Something as ordinary as baby clothes hanging on the line for us was the most incredible sight. I never saw a more gorgeous sight in our back yard and my heart felt so full of love!

We were so anxious about meeting our little boy, that we arrived 45 minutes early for the meeting. We sat quietly in the lounge watching the clock tick away and it felt like hours! Finally the time had come and meeting our little bundle of joy and holding him in our arms for the first time was like feeling God put his hand on my shoulder to reassure me that all was right with the world now.

Our world has been turned upside down with the arrival of our precious Jordan, but the view from this side has never looked more beautiful or satisfying. We love our son so much and never realised how much space in your heart such a little person could take up. We cannot imagine how we lived our lives before Jordan came into ours. He is the light in our lives and has brought so much happiness into our home.

Thank you Elsabe, Elize, Sunette, Eloise, Mienie and the rest of Procare for bringing our beautiful boy home to us.

Thank you to Jordan’s kangaroo parents for taking such good care of him and loving him so much. God bless you both and your family for being his angels on earth.

We are eternally grateful and blessed.



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