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I’ve always had a special bond with my mother. She has been a constant example of sacrificial self-sharing throughout my life. I recall her helping me with so many late night projects … last minute errand runs … even just sitting by my side in support or bringing me fuel (tea / food) while I finished working. I always thought my exponential appreciation for her was somehow linked to my age: the older I’d get, the more I’d realise the extent to which she loves me.   Just when I thought I knew it fully, we had our first child. I was completely overcome by what I felt – because I realised that, this whole time, I actually hadn’t even begin to grasp the half of it … I was a mom! I could now start to understand exactly what a mother’s love is. The length & breadth of it. I had a renewed sense of appreciation for my mom. For everything I knew I would still have to learn about giving up and letting go … because, I loved someone else more than myself. Because I had never experienced anything else, I assumed that what I felt might have been due to the fact that I had given birth to our daughter. I didn’t question it … I just kind of presumed that having shared genetics was playing a part in causing this new bond …  And then our second daughter came home … in a very different way to the journey we had experienced with our first daughter. And again, I felt an increased sense of admiration for my mother … I have heard a couple of people say that having their second child was like discovering a whole new chamber in their heart – which they didn’t realise was there before … an enlarged capacity to love.  The love I feel for both of our children has nothing to do with being biologically ‘linked’.  It is something that is ‘alive’ and keeps growing and is bigger than I ever knew it could be.  We are knit together in this journey because love never fails.  Biology is insignificant because true love isn’t conditional. It isn’t bound by what we can wrap our natural minds around.  “It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

Thank you PROCARE for making this possible



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