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The power of love

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22 December will forever be engraved in our hearts ,  thoughts and memories. It will always be the day that we will celebrate and rejoice as our lives changed forever after fetching our Madi on that special day! She was an early Christmas gift and indeed the best gift one can ever ask for! Also fitting her name, MADISON, meaning “Gift from God”!

Before starting the process at Procare we knew that we were signing up for what probably would be one of the biggest challenges of our lives. We went to our special place in the forest and prayed for that special soul that needed to come home. We sent our prayers out there into the Universe, and knew that whenever the time was ready and if it was meant to be, that soul would join us, and become part of our family! We never doubted that when and if it would happen, that it would be the one that was ALWAYS meant to be the ONE!!!

This would absolutely not be complete without mentioning the Professional services of Procare. From the first appointment to the last,  we knew we were in good hands, capable hands and caring hands! We can never thank Procare enough for the way in which they handled everything. Everyone in the chain helped to ensure that everything ran smoothly! Thank you so much!!!!

We will ALWAYS be grateful to the foster parents that took such good  care of our Madi! They are angels with wings and we will always make sure that Madi knows how wonderful they are! Their dedication, LOVE and commitment is a rare find! We have no words to thank them enough for looking after and caring for Madi in a way that is better than you can imagine.

Madi is a little socialite! She is like a magnet, she draws the crowds with her personality, her beautiful smile and her big big eyes are always the talking point of any conversation.  She has orchestrated a few miracles in her short life with us, and we know there are many more to come. She is an old soul, people have mentioned when they look into her big eyes that she radiates a sense of wisdom and a calmness that is difficult for the hardest person to miss!

Days after fetching Madi, we looked at her and said to her that it felt like she always knew that she was coming to us, and then she gave us the biggest smile ever!! That was a confirmation of what we always knew!!!

Madi is blessed to have so many people in her life, she has been spoiled, and LOVED beyond our expectations!!!  It took a little baby to remind us of the goodness of humankind! This experience has left us humbled and we are filled with gratitude that we have been chosen to be Madi’s parents!! She has come to live with us, however we feel we have to share this special little person with our friends and family,  as she has already won so many hearts! We remind ourselves often that she is on her own journey, part of ours and she has come to teach us and everyone around us about LOVE and the power of LOVE!!!!         



One thought on “The power of love

  1. You have the best parents ever, Madi!


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