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Little Charmer Boy

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Our son is growing so fast, especially this last period. 

He loves singing, Twinkle star and Wiellie Walie. Lollos is his favourite programme and he does all the dance moves. He is potty trained and reminds us that he is a big boy. (Laugh out loud). 

He also tells us what he wants to wear and some days are really hard, when he chooses a red shorts, blue ‘Lightning Mc Queen’ T shirt and Minions rain boots. 

He is very outspoken and independent, energetic and full of love. 

Our happy little boy, growing into a beautiful little man who just melts all the girls hearts everywhere he goes (Im going to have a huge problem when he is older). My little charmer with his long eyelashes 🙂 

Thank you again PROCARE, our lives has changed so much – FOR THE BETTER since our boy came home. 

Lots of Love

A happy adoptive family



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