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I found my son!

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I’m 31, single, and became a mom for the first time two months ago, when I adopted my little boy, Joel. I am a Biokineticist by training, but I left that to start a sports massage practice in Cape Town about a year ago. I’m passionate about people, justice, my faith, and anything that grows me. In that light, I’ve spent years traveling the world for both work and fun, encountering incredible people, ways of thinking and cultures along the way. This new adventure excites me the most though.

I actually never imagined having a biological child of my own. If ever I pictured my children, even in my teens, they always had someone else’s DNA. Four years ago I moved to Korea and opened a bank account, “Joel’s Account”, with the intention of saving for the possibility of adopting somewhere down the line. No specific time line or prerequisite in mind though. Suddenly, in November of last year, I felt so strongly that I needed to start looking for my son. I signed up for the soonest adoption conference and began the actual paperwork in January. The process was amazing.

I was introduced to PROCARE, at the adoption conference that I attended and knew immediately that I wanted to go through the process with them. It was clear from the beginning that they absolutely understood and supported my desire that this be a restorative process not only for my boy, but for the woman who would be giving him life, and a life. I’m so grateful that she chose to keep him to term, and then chose me to be his mother, a role of which she had no possible means to fulfil. Eight months later, as I was heading out the door to join a Crossfit class, I got the call to say that I had a son. A crazy seven days after that, I looked in my rear-view mirror, and there was a child, my child, sitting in a car seat and we were on our way home. There were forms, home visits, workshops, an emotional meeting with the birth mother, court appearances, and more forms in among the story, but they’re nothing. I found my son.


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