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Me husband and I have known each other for 8 years and have been married for 4. We began looking into adoption when it became clear that our journey to parenthood would be less traditional. PROCARE came recommended by friends who like us had to take a different path to becoming parents. There are so many misconceptions around adoption and it can be daunting at the start however, once you start the process and start discussing adoption, you realise how common it actually is and how accepting and excited others are for you. Our journey with PROCARE has been both professional and caring, they left no stone unturned in their interview process and we felt supported and understood from the very first appointment. The entire team is friendly and professional, we felt at ease and prepared to begin this new chapter in our lives.


Today, we have a gorgeous little boy. He is 6 months old and full of spirit. He was named Aiden after the Celtic god of the sun and fire. He fills our hearts with happiness and we couldn’t be prouder to be his parents. Aiden is our son, he is loved and cared for. He wakes up with a smile every day, loves his food and enjoys people’s company, He is determined to start walking before crawling and loves his rattle and jungle tales book.


Would we do it all over again? YES, in a heartbeat! Our only regret is not adopting sooner. Like most people who struggle with fertility, we often exhaust all other possibilities before considering adoption. The truth nonetheless is that adoption has allowed us to become parents. Aiden is a perfect match to our “checklist” and does not fall short of love from anyone who surrounds us. If you are considering adopting, we highly recommend booking your orientation appointment and begin your journey with PROCARE.

The happy family


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