PROCARE Adoptions

A blog about adoption experiences


PROCARE offers specialized services of the highest standard to prospective adoptive parents and biological parents in need of assistance regarding adoption.

Our social workers are accredited by the Dept of Social Development and the SA Council for Social Service Professions to provide national adoption services.

We specialise in the following services: Comprehensive screening and support services to prospective adoptive parents:

  • Baby adoptions
  • Step parent adoptions
  • Trans racial adoptions

Adoption counselling and assistance In the event of an unplanned pregnancy

  • Infertility counselling
  • Pre and post abortion counselling

PROCARE recognises the exceptional vulnerability of babies and children and acknowledges the fact that they are entitled to special care and assistance.


2 thoughts on “PROCARE ADOPTIONS

  1. There is a quote that says: In a hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the type of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.

    Seventeen months ago I became a safe mom and three weeks ago we said goodbye to our 5th gift baby. I might have made a difference in their lives, but they have also made a difference in mine. I have learnt more about formulas, nappies, bottles and dummies, baby clothes, colic, drug withdrawal and paediatric HIV than I ever thought possible. Becoming a safe mom was something I thought about for a while but once I made the decision things happened very fast. Never in my life was I more terrified than the day I fetched our first gift baby. Having raised four children of my own did not help my confidence at all. Yet somehow my hands remembered what to do while my mind was yelling “are you crazy” and I got through the bathing, feeding and sleeping issues fairly unscathed.

    One would think that babies become common place in your life when you have a new born most of the time, but each baby is so very special and my own excitement when discharging a new baby knows no bounds. Every time I experience that moment of panic that I might get something wrong. And then comes the moment that you arrive at the hospital and you are so intent on that baby that you forget all the admin things you are supposed to remember. The first time you see your new baby is absolutely magical. Your mind and heart works overtime! Sometimes one only knows that it’s a girl/boy, with no information about race, birth weight and drug or HIV exposure. In that moment you shed a tear for the birth mommy who has made such an incredibly brave choice so that this precious little person has a hope and a future. You think of the forever mommy who does not even know that her baby has been born and you treasure every second hoping that maybe one day you can tell her all about it. Gently you lift the baby into your arms and with one giant leap she claims your heart for ever, and you know that you are once again setting yourself up for the most incredible heart ache in just a few weeks’ time. “You must be crazy”, everyone tells you and as you smile serenely, you silently agree.

    Back home you bath, feed and battle with baby issues like any new mom does, you live in a messy house and drink gallons of coffee to stay awake. Every baby is a unique individual and come with their own challenges. Some babies suffer drug withdrawal and I would not wish the pain and agony you witness on my worst enemy. Some suffer from birth complications and you have to be especially gentle. Some are clever little buggers who won’t sleep and demand attention all the time. Some are HIV exposed and I’ve personally had to cope with an HIV positive result and fought my own fight with God, the world and adoptive parents who only want healthy babies. Yet caring for this HIV positive baby was the most blessed experience I could ever ask for. I witnessed a tiny, sick body heal and grow with the miracle of ARVs. I cried for a forever mommy in our own country’s loss because this baby is shop soiled and I danced with joy the day the blood tests showed the virus was suppressed.

    And so you settle into your days of caring, loving and praying for your baby. You record every possible minute with photos, videos and other memories. Special moments that come along only once leaves you sad for the forever mommy and daddy who missed it – the first smile, the first laugh, the first time baby reaches for your face or rolls over. Until the day you get the date and time of your baby’s “placement”. The day you will say goodbye to this precious bundle you love so much. The day you will place this baby whom you will defend with your life in the arms of total strangers and walk away with empty arms and a shattered heart. In the days that follow you pray for news to hook your emptiness on. At the most unexpected moments the sadness grabs your heart and the tears flow. But you know crazy you will do it again, because sane people don’t change the world. It’s the crazy ones who make a difference!


  2. Good Day

    Me and my Husband would love to adopt a White baby. We would love it if someone can contact us on how to go forward or what we need to do.



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